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When I was a high school photographer, back in the days of chemical processing and actual rolls of FILM, I kept all the negatives of all the photos I took.

The ones that were horrible I mostly disposed of, but all the ones I knew I’d someday want to look at again were lovingly slid into plastic sheets in a three ring binder I keep in my office to this day. The year after I graduated the world became a digital one, and I fought the transition tooth and nail…

Until I realized the freedom that a 4 gigabyte micro SD memory card could provide when you’re on the move. Then I got my first decent Canon Powershot. I’ve finally purchased a used digital SLR and I try to make time for long walks in the forest or around town with it. But most often these days I’m shooting with my Samsung Galaxy S III, which does amazingly well for a phone.

My photoblog is an archive, like that negative binder, for myself and the world. I’ve done the best with what I had to work with. The shots I’ve loved or really liked… past, present and hopefully into the future. Comments very much appreciated. =)


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  1. Hi Mary

    I found your blog when trying to identify a photo I had taken of a purple flower (happy to say with your help, it’s honesty – lunaria annua).

    I just wanted to comment to say: your photos are fantastic and I’m very impressed they are taken with a P&S camera, rather than a D-SLR. I am also a P&S shooter, and also often covetous of a D-SLR, but don’t want to buy one (expense & weight) and love finding fabulous photographers working with a P&S. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,

  2. I set up a photo developing studio in my basement when I was 12 (Black and white only).. I went through several rolls of film before my dad had me move the operation and I lost interest in developing photos. As an adult I bought a camera a real nice Minolta for $700. I had owned this nice camera for about 3 years when I noticed my new Sony Vaio computer had a camera with it. I didn’t fight the digital camera I embraced it. I think it is interesting though that after learning how to do something we fight the mere idea of changing our opinions about these beliefs. Even if it’s in our best interest. Thanks for the article and the pretty pictures.

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